Why are re-wires required?



The electrical industry and regulations are always changing to ensure the highest level of safety and fire protection is met in your property. Because of this they recommend your property is fully re-wired every 25-30 years, this way you can stay on top before a problem could develop.


Do you need a re-wire?


If you are unsure if your house needs a re-wire, then check your property for the below examples:


  • Old switches, sockets and accessories 

  • Consumer units/fuse boards with no RCD protection

  • Consumer units/fuse boards with re-wirable fuses

  • Single sockets everywhere in the property, with only a few double sockets

  • Only 1 or 2 single sockets per room

  • Frequently blown fuses in your consumer unit

  • You know it has been 25-30 years since a re-wire was completed


In some cases you may not need a re-wire but to be accurate you should have en electrical installation condition report (EICR) completed. This is a full inspection of the property and takes about half a day, and if these test results come back incorrect then a re-wire, or large remedial work, will be required.


What does a re-wire consist off?


Utter mess and noise!


No easier way to explain it, full house re-wires are very frustrating. This is because all the cables need to be submerged into the walls and under the floorboards where your sockets and switches are going. This means having to chisel out the wall to create cable channels, pull up carpets and floorboards, and move furniture. We take as much care as possible to limit the dust, noise and mess where possible.


Most house re-wires can be completed within 1-2 weeks, but they can be done much quicker if you choose to vacate the property while it is being completed. 


After that you will need to get a plasterer to infill the wall chases, and then redecorate so we recommend having a house re-wire around the same time you have any large projects done in your home.


After all this you shall not need another rewire for 30 years, or possibly longer as modern materials are more durable than previous. All our re-wires come with a minimum of a 10 year warranty as standard.



How much does a re-wire cost:


Re-wire prices depend entirely on the type of finish you would like, and the type of property you have. For example there is a huge price difference between a 2 bed flat being re-wired with a basic finish, and a 4 bed town house being wired to a high spec finish with spotlights and chrome sockets.


In order for us to provide you with an accurate quotation, please contact us so we can find out what finish you want and get a price for your work to you.