Consumer unit upgrades

Consumer units, otherwise known as fuse boxes, are the heart of the electrics of your property. They unsure the electrical safety of your outlets, appliances and wiring, and ensure the power is turned off incase of a potential fire or electric shock. 


Because of the large job consumer units do it is important to have them regularly updated, or at least inspected, to ensure they meet the current regulations. These could be regulations you are not even aware off. Some examples are below:


  • In the last few years metal consumer units were introduced again for fire safety

  • Since the 18th edition regulations were introduced Surge protection devices are now extremely recommended

  • Since 2008 virtually all re-wired circuits or new circuits are required to have RCD protection

  • RCD protection on downstairs sockets, or sockets that supply outside equipment, are mandatory since the early 2000’s


In the electrical industry it is recommended you replace your consumer unit every 10 years to ensure you have the highest form of safety.


If you would like your consumer unit upgrading, then we shall have to perform an electrical installation condition report (EICR) prior to ensure your house meets current regulations and there shall not be any nuisance tripping when the new unit is fitted. 



How much does a new consumer unit cost?


We have included some starting prices below to help you with your awareness of the costs involved in a consumer unit upgrade, for any further information please ring or refer to our blog post called ‘consumer units and regulations.


  • Initial EICR: £ 125

  • Duel RCD consumer unit starting from: £ 320

  • RCBO consumer unit starting from: £ 520

  • SPD kit: £110

  • Meter tail upgrade: £60


All of our consumer units come with a full test certificate, free notification to building control of the work completed and 10 year warranty from the date of installation.