Electric Vehicle Chargers

Within the next 20 years almost every property in the UK shall have an electric vehicle charger, and diesel/petrol vehicles shall seem like an almost distant archaic memory. The government has introduced many agendas in their fight against climate change including the stopping of manufacturing diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030, and even sooner than that as of next year all new builds are required to have an EV charger fitted.


Because of this, Falcon Innovations have insured we are experts on electric vehicle charger installs before the industry becomes too overwhelmed, and to ensure we can help answer all your questions.

zappi ev charger_edited.jpg

We are also approved installers for many Electric Vehicle chargers, meaning we can provide better discounts to our customers.


As well as this we are members of the government OLEV scheme, so we can apply for the £350 grant against the cost of your choice of charger on your behalf.

If you have any questions then please check out our blogs, vlogs, or FAQ below. If would like some advice on EV chargers then you can contact us here, or if you would like a remote estimate then please click on the below link. We shall ask a few short questions and one of our engineers shall get back to you with your estimate.


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