The biggest, messiest, noisiest electrical job there is.

House rewires are the full or partial replacement of all electrical cables and accessories, for new cables and fittings. There could be many reasons for a house rewire, from decorating to prevent it being needed in the future, or because the original cabling is close to, or has already, failed due to the old age.


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    Here at Falcon Innovations, we know exactly how frustrating house rewires can be and so we aim to be as efficient and helpful as possible throughout this process, weather this is by providing suggestions and fast quotations at the beginning of the project, all the way through to tidy work completed in minimal time.

    We also have a helpful list of contractors we can recommend to help with any other projects you would like doing at the same time, or even to decorate after we have finished rewiring.

    Our aim is to put some simplicity and efficiency into full house rewires, as no one likes dust and noise for days on end.

    We can also help advice, and offer discounts, on additional products that we offer that can be done at the same time as your rewire, which we have listed below:


    • Smart home technology
    • CCTV and alarm system installs
    • EV charger installs
    • Additional electrical protection
    • Upgrading of products
    • Smart lighting
    • Bespoke garden lighting installs
    • Renewable technology installs such as solar (coming soon)



    A house rewire is the partial or full replacement of your existing electrical accessories and wiring. This is often due to old install methods not complying with new safety regulations and best practice guides, or due the PVC sheathing of the old cabling degrading resulting in a fault. It is recommended a full property rewire is completed every 25-30 years to ensure you are well protected.

    The list below may help if you are unsure if you need a re-wire or not:

    1) Old switches and sockets. You can often tell this as the plastic begins to age and go brittle.

    2) Bedroom lights near the windows and not central. This was a big thing in the 60s-90s as the light would cause a glare preventing anyone staring through your window. Most new lights are now installed in the centre of the ceiling.

    3) Old fuse board/consumer unit. To determine the age of your consumer unit firstly look for the presence of RCDs (Big trip switches protecting a range of circuits). If you do not have any at all then this is an indicator that your electrics are at least +40 years old. Presence of an RCD, with an old metal casing around the fuse board is an indicator that your electrics are at least +30 years old, however this should not be mistaken with a modern metal fuse board. We recommend searching for fuse boards online to find a picture that matches yours to work out the exact age or to consult an electrician.

    4) Very few sockets in the rooms. The final big indictor is the presence of very few electrical sockets in the rooms, and most being single sockets. This was due to the fact that in the 70s and 80s we didn't have as many appliances to plug in as now. They recommend a rewire is completed if you have these, as the alternative is normally the overuse of extension leads that can become a fire hazard.

    House rewire prices vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as:

    - The size of your property
    - The specification you would like
    - How the cables can be installed
    - If the property is occupied

    A basic rewire, done to a standard specification, in an unoccupied 3 bedroom semi-detached house often costs between £3500-£4500 in the Midlands area. Obviously if you wanted to upgrade the specification to chrome and spotlights etc. then the price would have to increase.

    Also, if the property to be rewired is vacant while the work is being completed this can often result in a saving of up-to +£1000, this is due to the fact that work can be completed quicker without having to tidy up and make safe at the end of each working day so the customers have working power in the evenings. Because of this reason we often recommend a rewire is done when the property can be vacant for a week or two, such as when they are away on holiday.

    The best time to have a rewire would be when you are also having any larger works going on at the same time, such as a kitchen remodel or extension. That way all noise, mess and disturbance can be done in one brief period instead of being staggered out.

    Another good time would be to have a rewire BEFORE you decide to do any major redecorating at your property due to the fact the walls shall have to be chased out and plastered after.

    We often recommend having a rewire done when you know you have a reason to leave your property for a week or so, such as when you have a holiday booked. This way we can complete all works quicker, cheaper, and you can walk into a newly rewired house with no noise or mess.

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